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Brain Microdialysis Probes for Rats or Mice
Synaptech offers a line of quality and competitively priced probes for preclinical brain microdialysis in rats or mice. These probes were designed by researchers with over 30 combined years of brain microdialysis research experience. 

Aside from quality and price, our probes have several other advantages over our competitors:

1. Synaptech's microdialysis probes have a lightweight, metal body construction, which is much smaller than plastic body constructed probes made by other companies. This, in turn, allows for:
     a. Multiple microdialysis probes to be implanted at the same time (e.g., dual-probe microdialysis);
     b. A smaller mounting stage above the probe, which decreases the liklihood of damaging the stage during several days of recovery in  
         a homecage. Moreover, these probes can be used in rats or mice.

2. Our microdialysis probes are ready to implant right out of the package without prior soaking. Other microdialysis probe manufacturers require their probes to be soaked in the perfusion medium prior to implantation.

3. Due to high-quality construction, a skilled technician can reuse these probes multiple times.

Synaptech's Brain Microdialysis Probes are available in any custom length. The matching disposable guide cannulas are also fully customizeble. 

Technical Information

20,000 Da cut-off weight
Outer diameters (OD): Membrane OD = 0.36mm; Microdialysis Probe Shaft OD = 0.51mm; Guide Cannula Shaft OD = 0.62mm